Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New School in Four Corners

Lake County is building a new elementary school which will be 3 miles north of US 192 in the Sawgrass Development. As there is a great need for more schools, more everything, now there seems to be a little strife between counties over the 150 seats that Lake county owns the rights to at Four Corners Charter. The Orlando Sentinel has a story about it here. I get a little bit defensive of "Our School" {Four Corners Charter School is where Cornerstone holds its weekly gatherings} because their revenue is based on the number of students they have in desks. It is not right for Lake County to sit on 150 chairs at $7,000 a piece based on the fact that they may need them at some point down the road, but unless they are willing to fork over the $1,050,000.00 in lost revenue, those chairs should be made available to Polk County students. All said and done, I am sure that things will work out fine, but these are the struggles of Building Life Together here in Four Corners. Like it or not, we are one community in four counties and we rely on each other's cooperation to make it work.