Saturday, August 04, 2007


The Smoking Gun has a great wacky Friday Florida story, where Amanda Lynn Bailey, a 41 year old Florida woman, was arrested early yesterday on a drunk driving charge, her second DUI bust in the past three months.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Five years ago we began Cornerstone with the young family in mind. We designed our worship services around young Disney families. Since then we have been continually burdened to reach out to other segments of our community. Last Spring, our staff sat down and identified 10 different subcultures within our community. That being said we also recognized that there were no new churches being planted to minister to them. In addition, the Orlando Sentinel has slated our area to boom to over 250,000 people by 2020. With fewer that a dozen churches in Four Corners it is a bit overwhelming. The gospel is to go to to every creature, and by that we recognize it to means it is to go to every culture. With the lack of churches being started, we felt God lead Cornerstone to begin offering different worship experienced specifically designed for each culture. Yesterday we announced that beginning on September 2 Cornerstone will begin offering a classic style worship service. It will begin at 8:15 and will have all of our favorite hymns, as well as other aspects of the church services that many miss in today's contemporary service. Our 10:45 service will still be a contemporary blend with Bible Fellowship at 9:30. In the future it is our goal to offer services specific to other cultures including a service designed for college and singles, a service designed for Spanish, and services for black Americans and Caribbeans.