Saturday, March 29, 2008

Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana Loves Jesus

If you have a girl within 40 miles of your home you no doubt are familiar with Hannah Montana. If you can get past the first 6:30 minutes of girl talk. Miley and her best friend Mandy do a great job of expressing their faith. In a culture that is desperate for positive role models. I have to admit I am a Hannah Montana fan.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Iglesia Bautista El Buen Samaritano

I just got off the phone with Pastor Rafael Riera. They will be starting Sunday services this week at the Beef O'Bradys in Four Corners. I am so impressed with Rafael and his passion and expertise. He has a great plan in place and is already receiving lots of attention from the Spanish speaking community of Four Corners. Their Sunday school will start at 9:30 and Worship is at 10:30 a.m. I am asking all of our Cornerstone people to raise this church and this pastor up in prayer as they launch out this weekend. Also, I want to say how much I appreciate Mary Ann Owens and the team at Beefs for making their restaurant a sanctuary for church planting. It is obvious how much she loves our God.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Genre is your Bible

I read a lot of books. I mostly read how to books dealing with church ministry stuff, but often enjoy a good biography or science fiction like "Out of the Silent Plant." I read newspapers and blogs, I read commentaries and manuals, and every once in a great while I will read some poetry. (the planets all have to be lined up for that) I as this because I always approach my reading differently depending on the genre. Fiction is almost always audio book. (don't email me that it is not reading if I am listening to it, I know, I know.) Commentaries and manuals I go to for answers, Newspapers and blogs I go to for information. Poetry I go to for inspiration or contemplation etc. I asked myself today, what genre is the Bible. Some would argue for for one or the other. I argue it is all of the above. Consider:

* Romance - A love story of of Christ and His Bride
* Fiction - Parables ( don't email me about this either. I know only a portion of stories are fiction)
* Self Help - Instructive wisdom
* Biography - of God
* Poetry - Of David, and Moses
* News - A Revelation of sorts
* Manual - Theology and answers to life's biggest questions
* Historic - A true gospel

I guess the Bible is all in how you look at it. Like a diamond, its beauty is discovered by the many angles and how the Light is reflected through each. Consider the you genre-atical approach the next time you pick up the leather bound book.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Update

Hello Everyone, Thank you for praying for our Easter Services. First, I want to thank all of our volunteers who worked to make this our best easter ever. Without your hard work it would have been a very difficult day. Second, I want to thank all of our regulars who got tickets and bathed the day in prayer. God answered those prayers. Finally I want to thank our guests for coming out and worshiping with us. The family of God is an amazing thing and total strangers can seem like life long friends in no time. We finished the day with several folks accepting Christ as Savior, and 344 in attendance. This is more that we could have imagined and we give God all the glory. I will do what I can to upload some Easter pictures over the next few days. Here is a picture Terry Miles took during the third service. I also just returned from the hospital and Mrs. Pauline and Eulin Francis are doing well. Also, Nita, our guest that was taken by ambulance (Chest pain) is still being checked by the E.R. but she is doing much better and wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.