Friday, October 26, 2007

Name Change at Disney's MGM

The Orlando Sentinel has an article out today announcing that Disney will change the name of the MGM park beginning January 2008. You can read the article here.

I must admit that MGM could use a better moniker, logo, and persona, but the decision to call it "Disney's Hollywood Studios" is a bit insulting to me. I realize that Disney Land is in LA and Hollywood is the Mecca for everything movie, but as a resident and supporter of the Orlando park, I want it to be called "Disney's Orlando Studio" or "Disney Studios."

The people of Central Florida have invested billions into Disney and making it a partnership bringing movies to be shot here, and giving huge tax incentives to the movie industry.

I feel like a guy who got married only to find out that his new wife wants to change her name to that of her old boyfriend. I am sorry Disney, and Michael O'Grattan, you got this one wrong.