Thursday, March 23, 2006

Changing Gears

I remember my first 5 speed. My brother- in law took me to the mall parking lot on Christmas Day to teach me to “Drive Stick.” It still just sounds cool. If you have ever learned to drive a car with a standard transmission you know the kind of fun it is to learn to engage the clutch, change the gear and slowly let up the clutch as you press down on the gas. Not giving it too much gas or it will conk out, or popping the clutch which makes you jerk and probably conk out. Then there is the whole problem of getting it in gear. If you are not careful in the transition from one gear to the next it is possible to grind it. That awful sound of gears grinding still haunt me when I get into a standard car.
Next week at Cornerstone we will be changing gears a little. Moving service times to accommodate a growing crowd. All shifts have the potential for a stall, a jerk or the ability to bring things to a grinding halt. But if done properly shifts are the only way that you can continue to move forward. We as a church know that this is what God has for us to do. We know that He has called us to reach more people and the only way to accomplish that is to gear up and create more room. All care is being taken to make it a smooth transition, but more than likely there will be some glitches along the way. We ask for your patience during this transition time, and want to remind all of you who make Cornerstone Baptist Church a great place to worship to be flexible and focused on the mission that God has for us.