Friday, August 24, 2007

Just call me coach

Every year our church sponsors Ridge Youth Soccer. Last year I coached my son's Under 6 team and really loved it. I don't know a lick about soccer except for that the ball with the dots goes in the net, but apparently there were no skill requirements. Tonight I go for training, for Under 8 kids. My guess is that the competition will be a little more serious and all that much more fun. Meanwhile my family is digging around the old family tree and there is a long discussion on the names of some of our roots. So far, my grandfather had three sisters named "Lula, Sula, and Zela" Not only that, but apparently now there is a Jerutha. I feel like I descended from a cheap 1970's gladiator movie. So to bring my story together you can just call me coach.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Time of My Life!

Life is a clock. Clocks measure on the small daily scale but in reality, the same principle can be applied to life. The Bible teaches that our life is like a vapor that appears for a little time and vanishes away. It makes the point that life is short, but sometimes we fail to comprehend the full brevity of life. So.... What time is it in your life. If life were scaled to 1 day, where are you in your day. Let's say you live to be 80 years old. I write this at 34, and cannot say exactly that my estimations are correct. I am willing to take any criticism you might have, but it is now 7 AM and I must start my day. Enjoy!

12:00 AM - 0 - Birth
1:00 AM - 2.5 - Sleeping like a baby
2:00 AM - 5 - Oblivious to the world around you
3:00 AM - 10 - Dreaming
4:00 AM - 13 - Nightmare
5:00 AM - 17 - Restless
6:00 AM - 20 - Just waking up to reality
7:00 AM - 23 - Starting your day
8:00 AM - 27 - Arriving at work
9:00 AM - 30 - Finally getting some work done
10:00 AM - 33 - Focused on the task ahead
11:00 AM - 37 - Still on task, but there are lots of interruptions
12:00 PM - 40 - Out to Lunch
1:00 PM - 43 - Realizing it's already afternoon
2:00 PM - 47 - Hard at work, now wisely with the door closed
3:00 PM - 50 - Realizing you must hurry to finish your day's work
4:00 PM - 53 - Seeing light at the end of the tunnel
5:00 PM - 57 - Thinking about retirement
6:00 PM - 60 - Finishing Work
7:00 PM - 63 - going out with family
8:00 PM - 67 - Relaxing at home
9:00 PM - 70 - Getting tired
10:00 PM - Preparing for bed
11:00 PM - Rest
11:59 PM - 80 - Death

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The blog has been quiet recently. It seems that ever since coming back from vacation last month, that blogging became a chore. I love to communicate with people and blogging is a tremendous tool for that. What other platform does a pastor have to stay in contact with his people every day and to speak into their lives while helping them to get to know him as a person. The daily devotional was eating my lunch so much that the quality tanked and I pulled the plug. Perhaps it will come in handy for an upcoming message series, but unless it can be great, it is taking energy and creativity that needs to be somewhere else. I also unsubscribed today from about 15 blogs that I had been reading. Google has a great application that lets you know how much you actually read the posts you subscribe to and there are some subscriptions that were just wasting my time and two-thirds of the time I would not even read it so to the curb with them. I also joined a gym and have been working out 4 days a week. I am not sure that it has caused me to want to blog less, but maybe schedules interfered some. Today there is no staff meeting because Gabe is sick so I plan on studying for Wednesday night and writing the lesson for next week's Bible Fellowship. If I have time I want to go over to Lakeland and see about fixing my phone.