Friday, March 03, 2006

Joel, be serious. - Joel

I must say that one of my pet peeves is when people compare me to Joel Osteen. It is enough to make one not want to ever smile again. I have never been much of a Joel fan, maybe that is why I cringe at the comparison. To be honest I respect what Joel has been able to accomplish in drawing tens of thousands of people to church in spite of his zipity do dah. I have not read Joel’s book but had to write today to let you know that there is a new board game coming out based on the book by Joel “Your Best Life Now” You can check it out at . Not to be taken too seriously this is a real game by the makers of Bull Craps dice game and Bull Spit Card game ( I guess based on the PBR) I want to go on record right now to say. “Joel, this has gone far enough.” “It is time to grow up and get serious about church, life, heaven and hell.” Somebody do something before Mattel replaces Ken with a Joel doll.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Moe Mentum

Today I finished up the first message in our new series on Moses. Moses was one of the most unique and colorful characters in all of the Bible. I am looking forward to seeing how God created such a wave of momentum from a baby in a river into a sea of people parting the Red sea. Moses' story will excite you and allow you to see potential in your own life through accepting God's plan for your life. This Sunday we will see that Moses' parents were key in positioning him for success as they, themselves followed God in the face of powerful opposition. In truth it was God who did the miracle as he gave Moses life, when all other babies were being tossed into the river. God brought Salvation to Moses along the banks of the Nile through Pharaoh's daughter, and Moses got on board with God's plan for leading God's people out of bondage in Egypt and into the promised land. The great part about this story is that it can become our story as well. God has given you life. He created you special. He made you the way you are in the place you are at this time because he has a plan for you. God has offered you salvation from spiritual death, through the substitution of His Son Jesus. You can receive Salvation by accepting Christ's payment for your sin. Finally, Moses' story can be your story if you will accept God's plan for your life. Moses had many temptations as the Prince of Egypt, but He chose to accept God's plan instead. I hope that you will join us this Sunday as we expound these thoughts in the first part of our new series on Moe.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Welcome Aboard!

It is with great excitement that we welcome Mrs. Sue King to the staff at Cornerstone. Sue and her husband Dave have been faithful members since the very beginning of Cornerstone. She will come on part time to help with managing the church office, a job that, until now has been multitasked by the pastoral staff. Of course, multitasking is the ability to mess several things up at one time. Her addition will greatly organize the week to week operations of the church and allow us to continue the strong growth by being more effective in ministering to the people who attend.

Monday, February 27, 2006

What can you buy with no money?

Isaiah 55
I was just reading my Bible and a came across a verse that said “you who have no money come.” I thought to myself. That’s me, no money. Then it said to “come and buy.” And I thought, how can you buy something when you have no money? Then it said “Why do you spend money on things that are not bread?” and “your work on things that don’t satisfy.” Wow! We do that all the time. We waste our hard earned money on things that don’t satisfy. Still intrigued I read on. God says “Listen to me, and you will eat that which is good. Let your soul delight itself in God’s fullness and your soul shall live.”

When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by Satan, he said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Then, when he was at the well of Samaria, his disciples were off buying food and he was sharing salvation with the woman of Samaria, the disciples returned with food and he was not hungry. He said that his “food was to do the will of the One who sent me.” So often in life we …can’t get no satisfaction. We try and try… in truth it is possible to be satisfied, even when you have no money. How you ask? First we must hang onto every word of God. Second, we must do the will of the one who sends us. A life of satisfaction comes through communion with Gods word, and connecting with God’s will.