Friday, March 03, 2006

Joel, be serious. - Joel

I must say that one of my pet peeves is when people compare me to Joel Osteen. It is enough to make one not want to ever smile again. I have never been much of a Joel fan, maybe that is why I cringe at the comparison. To be honest I respect what Joel has been able to accomplish in drawing tens of thousands of people to church in spite of his zipity do dah. I have not read Joel’s book but had to write today to let you know that there is a new board game coming out based on the book by Joel “Your Best Life Now” You can check it out at . Not to be taken too seriously this is a real game by the makers of Bull Craps dice game and Bull Spit Card game ( I guess based on the PBR) I want to go on record right now to say. “Joel, this has gone far enough.” “It is time to grow up and get serious about church, life, heaven and hell.” Somebody do something before Mattel replaces Ken with a Joel doll.