Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back to School

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Those little people who have been causing so much trouble over the past two months are getting ready to be put back in their place. School has a special place in the hearts of those of us at Cornerstone. We have the privilege of meeting at the Four Corners Elementary School and basing much of our community outreach through those hallowed halls. In fact this past Tuesday a group of us met to move text book after textbook from classroom to classroom. Simple, but simply a way of meeting a very real need for the teachers and administration of "our" school.
For most people, the memory of school carries with it enough emotional backpacks, to fill a hundred lockers. Yet in spite of the teachers, we learned many of life's most important lessons at school. Don't hit, share, do your home work... And so on.
One of my favorite things about school is graduation. In K-4 the parents and their video camera's block your shot of Jr. Receiving his, I mean diploma from the teacher. Sixth grade, a little more important as the kids punish the parents and grandparents with endless barrage of musical numbers and cute costumes. High school... One word... Rebellion. "I am 18 and I have learned it all, now stop telling me what to do." In college it was a bit of gratitude and relief mixed with the ignorance of how hard it will be to land a job, and that student loans come due in two weeks. The amazing thing is that even though we graduate from one to the next that there is always more to learn and that there are always those that think that they have finished learning.
Over the next few weeks at Cornerstone we will look back at School and how important it is for us to continue learning even after we graduate. Unfortunately, many Christians fail to grasp the all important concept of continuing education. We will look at the grade levels in the Christian life and the graduated learning we all must do.