Friday, October 10, 2008

Seriously Funny

My good friend John Bogenschutz is one of the most creative people in our church.  He is not only a good neighbor, but a great dad and has a daily comic strip that I truly enjoy.  In what I hope to be a series, John has given me permission to reprint some of his work on the blog.  I hope to take his humor and use it as an illustration of a practical thought for Fridays.  Enjoy! Think! Apply!

  :-) I think we have all been managed like this at one time or another.  Due to regulations and policies, good work is traded for mediocre. All of us have a tendency to micromanage people around us.
  This cartoon helps me to remember that God builds the church.  It is not my job as a pastor to complain about what I don't have, but to see the talent that God has placed around us, and let His people do His work.  I pray that Cornerstone is a place where people use their gifts, time and abilities to elevate Christ in Four Corners.  In the  end, the outcome will be so much better than what is probably chiseled on my pre-historic clipboard.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How Moving!

In the next 90 days Cornerstone will be moving from the Elementary Lunch Room, over to the Middle School. Community of Faith is completing their building and we are hoping to be moving in perhaps even before Christmas.
This move will be one of the biggest opportunities in the life of our young church. As you know, the 10:45 worship service has been pretty full and the ability to bring the whole church together ounder one roof has been impossible for some time. The new worship space will provide us with much more room to grow and expand while also allowing us to expand many of our current ministries.
There is no doubt that this move will present a number of challenges including additional set up and higher rent, but we know that hte benefits will outweigh the costs by far.
Here are some things to begin praying about. 1. Pray that God will allow us to be good stewards of the finances that he provides so that we can adequately absorb the cost of the larger space. 2. If you are not already involved in set up and tear down, come and join us either on Saturdays at 4:30 or on Sundays after the 10:45 service. 3. This move will allow us to take a great leap forward in our children's church. Be part of the team. 4. We will be raising funds this Christmas to make improvements to the way we turn the lunchroom into a sanctuary. (The Tabernacle Project Phase 2).
I am so excited for the opportunity that God has given us to meet at Four Corners. It is such a blessing to be able to minister right there in the heart of the community and I look forward to seeing what God is going to do through this new and improved worship setting.