Monday, September 01, 2008

Fantasy Football

We had our FFL draft last night and I won.  You see for the last two years I have been the very last pick and this year I wasn't the very last pick.  I moved up 3 spots to #9!  I feel like a winner already.  All the top 9 Running backs were taken so I broke the ice on QB's with Peyton Manning.  Our theme verse will be Joel 2:6 ( I think I am the only person in any fantasy football league who has a theme verse) 

Joel 2:6 (NKJV) Before them all the people writhe in pain; All faces are drained of color. 

Here is my team....

QB - Peyton Manning (A bit of a gamble for first pick, but I have his jersey)
RB - Clinton Portis (The only Clinton I want to see in Washington)
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew (I thought only women used two last names)
WR - Torry Holt (oldie but a goody)
WR - Joey Galloway (Token Buccaneer, Plus he's older than I am)
TE - Jason Witten (Solid)
K- Adam Vinaterri (had him every year)
D - Pittsburg Steelers (Steel Curtain)

QB - Jake Delhomme (what's a little elbow surgery between quarterbacks)
RB - Fred Taylor (His arrest will go well with our Prison Break series at church)
RB - Jarrius Norwood - (he outperformed Turner on Friday)
RB - Warrick Dunn (Cat Fancy)
WR - Jabar Gaffney (I thought my cheat sheet said Jar-Jar)
WR - Isaac Bruce (He's older than me too)
WR- Bernard Berrian (Big Toe Berrian!  Go Vikes)
TE - John Carlson (Who?)