Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to Pray for our Nicaragua Team

In less than a week we will be taking our 2010 team to our Hope Center in Tecolostote Nicaragua.  We will be working with some of our national pastors, doing some Evangelistic Work, and Children's Ministry.  Here is a quick list of some ways that you can be praying for us while we are gone.

1. Pray for God's favor
Without God's blessing, our efforts are nothing.  Pray that God would make our path straight and that he would help us to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as we travel, minister and share.
2. Pray for people to respond to the gospel.
Nicaragua is a religious and Christian country, but many Nicaraguans lack the personal relationship with God in Christ.  Pray that they will see the difference between religion and relationship.
3. Pray for Pastor Bruce as he preaches on Tuesday night
Last year, we had measurable amounts of opposition from other religious institutions in the city.  Pray that God would give him the words to speak and that people would not be dissuaded from coming out to the service.
4. Pray for the national pastors to be encouraged

We will be training in the areas of Leadership, Counseling, and music.  We want to not only provide them with training and materials, but we want to give them the encouragement they need as well.
5. Pray for the health of our team.
As our trip is only one week long, pray now that everyone on our team will be at their best for every day of the trip.  It is vital that spiritual work is not hampered by physical ailments.
6. Pray for the safety of our team.
Traveling out of the country presents its challenges, and we ask that you pray for our transportation both in the air and on the ground.
7. Pray for the spiritual growth of those on our team.
One of the most amazing spiritual experiences is to take a missions trip.  As we take this trip pray that our team will realize new levels of spiritual growth in their relationship with God.  Pray that they will come back with a renewed sense of God's work in their lives.