Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Ponderings at 4:30 a.m.

It is 4:30 a.m. on Easter Saturday. A few minutes ago I am lying in bed thinking about Easter. The main thought that consumes me is that Easter is about Christ. It is about worshiping the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. I'm trying to fall back to sleep because in a few hours the weekend will start and it won't stop until Sunday night. I wonder if an Easter Egg hunt somehow takes away from our worship of Christ on Easter. I think about the fact that Easter Eggs and Chicks and the fake grass are all some carryover of pagan celebrations into the Catholic church. I wonder for a moment why the Catholic church would celebrate "pagan" holidays, how they could pervert Easter with fertility rituals. Then I think about the fact that Jesus could have scheduled His death burial and resurrection for anytime of the year. The pharisees were truly willing to kill him at any time. But he chose the season of his resurrection. I remember that as I studied for this weekend's message, that when Passover was instituted that it was to be the first month of their year. Another beginning. I thought it was kind of God's plan for the death of winter to give way for the resurrection of life to spring forth. I wonder if God was the one who scheduled this to be the time of the birthing of new lambs, new chicks, and green grass. That it was His intent all along that we celebrate new life, a new year at this Season. I stop thinking bad about the Catholic church, I stop thinking bad about the pagans, I lay there amazed at how God is in control of every detail and that when we just stop long enough to pay attention, that He will reveal Himself to us. He is GOD! One day we will stand before Him in Heaven. We will fall to our knees in worship. We will finally stop. And we will finally understand that it is all about Him.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Notes

1. Lots of calls this week about our Easter services.
2. Lunch with Scott Smith from Community of Faith to talk Parking (I love that guy)
3. We are having the Easter Egg hunt before the service on Saturday and after the services on Sunday.
4. I think we are the only Easter Egg Hunt in town.
5. The Reporter (News Paper) did not change our ad to the one we sent.
6. Someone will read that ad and show up for an 8:15 service we are not having.
7. They will be angry and blame us.
8. We will accept credit for their mistake and apologize.
9. Our Team has spent many hours preparing for Easter.
10. Our members have spent many hours preparing for Easter.
11. Our guests would benefit by spending many hours preparing themselves for Easter.
12. We anticipate 300 people to worship with us on Easter.
13. We anticipate 1 person to be our focus on Easter.
14. Some of the Easter Eggs will have cash in them.
15. Only kids are allowed to hunt for Easter Eggs.
16. Additional parking will be available on the Soccer field.
17. Additional seating will be available because of the sacrifice of our regular attenders.
18. The worship will be amazing.
19. The message will be Bible.
20. The church will be friendly.
21. The Lord will be lifted up.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am not a cheerleader by nature. I read some pastor blogs and it seems that they are constantly pumping the people of their church up with words like greatest and amazing. I have always shied away from SUNDAY, SUNDAY,SUNDAY type messages, but I do believe that this weekend is going to be amazing in the life of Cornerstone. As we approach this Easter Sunday, we do so with a few things already happening.
1. God's People are Praying - It is so exciting to me that our church has talked to God about Easter Sunday for the past few weeks.
2. People are preparing - So much work has gone into everything from the coordination with tickets, egg hunts, music and ministry.
3. People are coming - right now, according to ticket distribution, we have three full services. (Tickets were for regulars, not guests. No one will be turned away at the door.)
It is very possible that we could see attendance top 300 for the first time on Easter Sunday. Please continue to pray with me that God will work in the lives of people on Easter and that we will do our part in lifting up the name of Christ. Also, be busy inviting your friends and neighbors to come and join us for worship. Saturday 6:30; Sunday 9:30 & 10:45