Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Notes

1. Lots of calls this week about our Easter services.
2. Lunch with Scott Smith from Community of Faith to talk Parking (I love that guy)
3. We are having the Easter Egg hunt before the service on Saturday and after the services on Sunday.
4. I think we are the only Easter Egg Hunt in town.
5. The Reporter (News Paper) did not change our ad to the one we sent.
6. Someone will read that ad and show up for an 8:15 service we are not having.
7. They will be angry and blame us.
8. We will accept credit for their mistake and apologize.
9. Our Team has spent many hours preparing for Easter.
10. Our members have spent many hours preparing for Easter.
11. Our guests would benefit by spending many hours preparing themselves for Easter.
12. We anticipate 300 people to worship with us on Easter.
13. We anticipate 1 person to be our focus on Easter.
14. Some of the Easter Eggs will have cash in them.
15. Only kids are allowed to hunt for Easter Eggs.
16. Additional parking will be available on the Soccer field.
17. Additional seating will be available because of the sacrifice of our regular attenders.
18. The worship will be amazing.
19. The message will be Bible.
20. The church will be friendly.
21. The Lord will be lifted up.