Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Genre is your Bible

I read a lot of books. I mostly read how to books dealing with church ministry stuff, but often enjoy a good biography or science fiction like "Out of the Silent Plant." I read newspapers and blogs, I read commentaries and manuals, and every once in a great while I will read some poetry. (the planets all have to be lined up for that) I as this because I always approach my reading differently depending on the genre. Fiction is almost always audio book. (don't email me that it is not reading if I am listening to it, I know, I know.) Commentaries and manuals I go to for answers, Newspapers and blogs I go to for information. Poetry I go to for inspiration or contemplation etc. I asked myself today, what genre is the Bible. Some would argue for for one or the other. I argue it is all of the above. Consider:

* Romance - A love story of of Christ and His Bride
* Fiction - Parables ( don't email me about this either. I know only a portion of stories are fiction)
* Self Help - Instructive wisdom
* Biography - of God
* Poetry - Of David, and Moses
* News - A Revelation of sorts
* Manual - Theology and answers to life's biggest questions
* Historic - A true gospel

I guess the Bible is all in how you look at it. Like a diamond, its beauty is discovered by the many angles and how the Light is reflected through each. Consider the you genre-atical approach the next time you pick up the leather bound book.