Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol

American Idol, is without question the hottest show on TV, they are bullying their way to take up the prime time slot 2 to 3 times a week. My vote, if I took time to call, is for Chris Sligh. He grew up as a missionary kid, maybe in Germany. He then attended the Bob Jones University, a very conservative school in Greenville SC, before starting a Christian band and leading worship at Seacoast church also in Greenville. Chris is just a normal guy, who seems to be having fun on the show. I spent some time doing some research on him, and was impressed to see that he has a deeper side. MSNBC did an article on him here. You can also read from Chris' blog here. But he has taken most of it down, for some reason during Idol. However he has another blog here, which discusses his thoughts on life and God. In his last few entries he struggles with the balance between the conservative upbringing and real life issuse of today. Growing up, my dad went to Seminary at BJ, the chuch I attended in high school was big on BJ, I went to Clearwater aka BJ on the Bay, and my wife's parents members of a BJ style church. That being aside, I know right where Chris is coming from, I know his struggles. For all that, he has come away with his faith intact, and has found a balance between real life and real faith. I hope that he goes far in the competition and that God will enlarge his influence so that God can get all the glory even in this search for an idol. Maybe Chris, will be like Paul on Mars Hill, you have here merely an idol, let me introduce you to Jesus Christ.


Scott and Debi Simpson said...

Scott and I know Chris. He met his wife while attending our church. He is a neat guy with a great personality. I was able to sing with him in some specials at church.

Joel Johns said...

That is too cool. Maybe when he gets the title you can convince him to come to Cornerstone for a visit!