Thursday, March 22, 2007

Land Acquisition Team Meeting

Last night we met with Sean Fullerton, our real estate guru. He has been on the wholesale side of some of the largest developments in Four Corners such as Champions Gate and Reunion. He came prepared with large maps for all of our team, and spent an hour describing different properties that would be of interest to Cornerstone. A few things I want to pass on to everyone from the meeting. First, we have the best. Sean knows his stuff and he is deeply committed to Christ. Second, there are some really neat options and angles that he is working on our behalf. Third, right now everything is out of our price range so we need to trust God to work out the details. God has already blessed us so much while meeting at the school, and we are content to tabernacle there until He moves us on. Until that day, we must remain faithful to give, faithful to pray, and faithful to serve Him right here.