Thursday, March 22, 2007

Evangelism @ Work

This Sunday we will be talking about personal evangelism. God has called every believer to share their faith with the WORLD. Most of us struggle, with the mechanics, and have been taught evangelism methods that are either confrontational or lifestyle. Adding to the problem is that most witnessing training begins with the Romans Road, or the 4 Spiritual Laws, etc. begin when we are ready to walk someone through the last few steps of what is truly a marathon. Inadequate to say the least for today's culture. On Sunday we will see that there is more to evangelism than the Romans road, and that we must meet people where they are and help them round the bases and arrive home safely. The Detroit Free Press has an article about just this thing written by a writer for the Orlando Sentinel. It is about Discovery Church's new at work evangelism course. You can find it here. I would be interested to hear what you think. Is it too pushy to talk God at work? Should Christians just practice lifestyle evangelism? What about those guys who give God a bad rap by being belligerent with their coworkers?


Discovery Church at Work said...

I think a better word to use than evangelism in our culture is 'influence". The word evangelism brings to out thinking many pictures that may close the doors of opportunity to bring change in someone's life. So when we think of our worklife I believe that we should approach it from a Biblical perspective that brings long term change by myself recognizing that I am an influencer. 65% of our waking hours are spent in some sort of work place context. Most of our relationships are at work. Most of our real challenges are revolved around work life issues. Do we think that God's resources are available to us so we can show and communicate an adventorious life style? I do! I believe the workplace is a wonderful and real place where God has called me to live out the values of my faith by His presense. The church can help by affirming those who have a worklife that they have a God Given ministry in the context that God has called them. Secondly, they can help equip me by providing tactics that can help leverage my circle of influence for the Kingdom of God.

Joel Johns said...

Well said, It is easy for us to get into church speak. We must remember that God has called us to be the church in the community.