Thursday, March 22, 2007

Church Planting in Knoxville or Bust

The other day I was able to sit down with Chris Sliger who is going to West Knoxville TN to plant a church. In our conversation he asked a few questions that I thought I would share for your comment. The first had to do with strategy. What was your approach to starting Cornerstone? This was a broad question, but I have come to value several things in relation to church planting. foremost, it must come as a result of a call of God on your life. If God has not lead you into it, then you will not survive, and may lose your family in the process. Secondly, do not start a church without a committed team of people who have bought into your vision. New churches need quality ministries to attract people to join in the venture. Without a team, it is highly unlikely that one couple will be able to provide quality, without burning out in the process. Finally, it take a lot of money to launch, and every effort needs to be made so that the staff can be devoted full time to establishing the church. The ministry of church planting is too important to be done on leftover time.