Monday, April 16, 2007

Inside Out Umbrellas

In spite of tornado warnings we had a great day at Cornerstone this past Sunday. Just as the second service crowd was coming in the sky fell out. Inside out umbrellas, yellow wet floor signs, cold, wet, but happy. It was great to see some of our great UK members return after months apart, as well as the return of several of our new Easter guests. The worship was awesome, bringing tears to my eyes as we sang in unison of our Holy God. If you missed because of the storm, I highly recommend that you catch up by listening to the message here.

Update: I got this from Chuck Stephens and thought I would pass it along...

"... I wanted to say what a wonderful day yesterday was! The worship, message and small group time were all exciting and uplifting. I’m very anxious to see how God continues to work in our midst at Cornerstone." - Chuck Stephens