Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome Home

We want every guest who attends Cornerstone to become actively involved on a weekly basis in the life of our church. We really want everyone to know our goals for involving them in the life of the church and to know where they are in that process. One of our values is to NOT coerce, or pressure people to take spiritual steps, but to present them, and encourage them to follow God's leading in their lives. Our blueprint includes 4 distinct environments.

Our first ministry is to build a foyer where you can be introduced to God and to others in the church. For us this is our Sunday Morning Worship Services.

Secondly, we attempt to provide living room environments where you can relax and enjoy true fellowship. These are the various events and activities provided by our Bible Fellowship Groups. These may be anything from dinners to ball games, golf outings, camps and retreats.

Third, we invite everyone to the dinning room where we study God's Word, and apply it to everyday life. Most of these groups meet before the morning worship services on Sundays. These groups are where ministry takes place. Each group prays for each other's needs, and helps one another as they are able.

Our fourth environment is the kitchen . This is where ministry takes place, as we take what we know and use it for the benefit of others.

It is our goal that everyone associated with Cornerstone will consistently work through all of these environments. Just as you would not live in only one room of your home, building life together involves regularly walking through each of these rooms. If you are new to Cornerstone, we hope that you will understand our love and desire to build life alongside you. That you will understand our process and where you are in that process, and that you will continue to build life together.