Friday, April 20, 2007

And I thought I was Boycotting France...

Last week my 5 year old son caught me using his Bic 4 color pen. He said I could keep it....I was ecstatic. It has 4 colors in one pen. Brilliant! Despite my enthusiasm, I have owned one before, but I rediscovered a love for the versatile little pen. I like to underline and circle words, I bracket and scribble notes in the margin as I read along in my Bible Study. Now I can do it in technicolor. I find myself wanting to reread previous passages and underline new words using red for commands, blue for promises, green for .... well I haven't figured green out just yet, but now I have options. To Bic's credit, according to their official website the pen was invented in 1970, much earlier than my half hearted boycott. I wonder when they invented the fry? Maybe I could just boycott all new french things...but now I am rambling.