Friday, April 13, 2007

Holy Smoke

The heavens declare the glory of God, even in Disney World! A few weeks ago, I determined that I would find out who was writing about Jesus in the sky over Disney/ Four Corners. I have enjoyed his work, sometimes standing outside with my kids to watch him draw God's love on the clear blue canvas, sharing the good news in a unique way. As it turns out his name is Jerry Stevens. That is all I know. His website declares that the writer does not matter, but Jesus is all that matters. He makes no apologies for giving a straight forward plan of salvation, then directing people to a Bible believing church. You can visit his website here. I emailed Jerry and told him that I owe him lunch. I just want to meet this guy and tell him how much it means to me to know that he is up there telling us down here about God's love. Go to his website and tell him that the people of Cornerstone in Four Corners are behind him 100%!


Unknown said...

Thats a very inspiring website. I have seen his message many times while riding in the monorail. I always wondered who was doing it. I went to his site and emailed him my support.