Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Elk Lock Horns and Die

I ran across this picture from the Smithsonian. Apparently like humans, Elk tend to lock horns. They become territorial, take a position and stand their ground. Unfortunately, for this pair and for many who choose to be like them it was pointless for both. How often do we lock horns in our marriages, at our work, and in our churches? Do we take a stand, not on moral principle, but on personal preference. Then, when someone threatens our position, we lower our head state our opinion and lock horns. This Sunday, we will be talking about Words of Affirmation. Words can get us into trouble, the words we say, the positions we take. Words are hard to take back, before we know it we end up defending a position we really do not care about, but for the sake of argument we stand our ground and lock horns. A battle of the wills, a battle to the death. What are you tempted to lock horns over? What arguments should you simply walk away from?