Friday, April 13, 2007

Have Podcast Will Travel

I can't remember the last time I listened to broadcast radio. Since I got my iPod last year for my birthday, in which everyone chipped in, I am my own station manager. I recently began adding books via, it is all books in the public domain, read by volunteers. Back to the story: Another of my favorite things to do is listen to other churches and pastors speak. I register for the podcast at iTunes, and it automatically downloads it to my iPod, where I can listen to it on my schedule. Thanks to Chuck Stephens, our resident Computer Guru, we are now podcasting. If you want to subscribe to have the podcast automatically downloaded to your computer or Mp3 player, you can here. I think this is just one more way to make CBC available to you on your schedule. A while back, I ran into Jody Ciccarello on her way to work, we rolled down the windows to say hi, and she said "Hey, I was just listening to you on the way to work." That made my day, and reminded me that we should not limit our messages to Sunday morning. Subscribe. Enjoy!