Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Church Planting Cures AIDS in Zambia

One of the first goals we had when the church began was to help other churches start around the world. This coming Sunday we will have a young couple coming to speak who will be going to Zambia Africa to start churches. Jim and Barbie have already spent a year interning with another church in Zambia and will be leaving in March to begin their lives as full time missionaries.

The missions program of Cornerstone focuses on church planting. We understand that all missions have value and are important, but we believe that the best investment we can make in a community is to plant a church that will service that community spiritually and socially for the long term. When many people think of missions they think of clinics and feeding stations that meet an immediate need. In Zambia, where Jim and Barbie Waters will be going, the life expectance is only 33 years of age. Most of this is due to the fact that it is a country ravaged by AIDS. Some would argue that those people need Doctors and medicines. However, Doctors and medicine only treat symptoms. Missions according to Cornerstone takes into account the physical and social needs while focusing most of its attention on the deeper spiritual needs of the people. AIDS will continue to be a problem in all societies where drugs, prostitution, and sexual immorality are not replaced by a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

I have always been astounded by the fact that AIDS could be cured by one single generation who chose to say no to drugs and yes to monogamy. Billions of dollars are spent every year to find a cure to a problem that stems from sin. It is a matter of stewardship for Cornerstone Baptist Church. We could spend resources on treating the problem, or invest in planting churches that will give people the cure.

If you are a regular at Cornerstone, let me encourage you to begin giving a little each week so that we can help send Jim and Barbie Waters to Zambia Africa to plant churches. If you do not attend Cornerstone, then contact Jim through their website at . Until Next time…