Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sunday Synopsis

Things I liked about Sunday:
1. There was a great spirit at church on Sunday. The feeling of anticipation was in the air. As if everyone knew that God was going to do something special.
2. The Moss Family came forward to dedicate themselves to being godly parents to their new baby Brianna.
3. We had some great first time guests who really connected with the church.
4. There was a positive response to a message about money. – Who knew?
5. There were 160 people in attendance, a record for a regular Sunday. (Only topped by Christmas 05 – 182 & Easter 05, 203.)
6. The Junior Church kicked off a new program, and according to my kids on the ride home, “It was really, really good.” Great Job Tom and Sissy!
Things I did not like about Sunday:
1. I had a typo on the slide show which was so bad, that the staff did not tell me because they thought I did it on purpose.
2. Several families who are regular attendees were not there to worship with us. This always seems to bum me out.
3. The Hughes family was in Bahrain instead of Four Corners. – Really glad for you, but we miss you a lot.
4. The A/C must have been set to heat, because it never came on. So much for never let them see you sweat.
5. My new barber Bob did not come. (Well there is always next week.)
6. Two Words – Daytona 500 (or is that three words? Daytona Five Hundred)

On a serious note, Sunday is always the greatest day of the week for me. Kerri DeVane told me on Saturday, how the people at work laugh at her new found religion. “I’ll see you tomorrow. I got to get my Jesus fix. I am addicted.” And that is what I like about Sundays. People, getting fixed by, and fixed on Jesus.