Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bricks & Mortar

Bricks and Mortar is a term people use to refer to something with substance. I thought it would be ironically funny to call the blog by that name. As a new church the one thing that everyone wants to know is “Are you planning on a building?” This has always been a frustrating question for me. Not that I don’t understand the need of a church building as a tool, but that so many of my peers (other pastors) along with “church people” think that a building is what legitimizes a church. Don’t take me wrong here; I do want one day for us to have a place of our own. But only in God’s timing and that will be when the cost in money and attention will not hamper, but help the church. As far as legitimacy goes, I am glad that God is not judging us on the number of buildings we erect, but the lives that are built. I also wish that the average guy on the street would look past rented facilities and try us out. We had a great family visit last year. They came a few weeks and seemed really to enjoy the church, but opted for another church in the next town (without a pastor then and still to this day). When following up, they said, “We just did not want to do the church in a school thing.” You probably can tell that it still hurts to this day. They chose bricks and mortar over a really dynamic young church that just so happens to meet in a school. One day I guess I will understand that, but I hope that I will never accept it. Bricks and Mortar stands for substance; Cornerstone is a church with substance and that is a legitimate enough reason for me.