Monday, May 19, 2008

Boy! I Missed Cornerstone

  • Yesterday, my family and I went to St. Petersburg to speak to Park Street Baptist about the things God is doing at Cornerstone. It is always a fun thing to go back to a church where you worked many years and see faces of people who you ministered to many years ago. It has been six years and a lot has changed there, but some things never change. I love Pastor Dan and he has a great vision for the church and their family life center is almost complete.
  • Gavan Searles spoke for us at Cornerstone and did a great job conveying his passion for the unchurched in Clermont. I was able to hear Gavan's message on Saturday night and I am excited to see what we can do as a church to come along side Gavan and Life Church.
  • We are going to be hiring a summer intern starting June 1st named Brandon Carmichael. Brandon was in my youth group way back in the 6th grade and now is a senior in college getting a degree in missions. I am looking forward to seeing how we as a church can pour into the life of this young man. - I will be talking more about this later this week.
  • I apologize to everyone for the fritz that our wireless mic has been on. Last week we took it to the shop but nevertheless, it still has issues. I am personally embarrassed that Gavan had to speak using a hand held mic.
  • One thing about being at another church is that it reminded me of how thankful I am for our staff and volunteers. Gabe has our music program at the quality level of a church of 1,000 and beyond. Beyond the mic issues, Everything went very smoothly in my absence and the offerings were great. I am so happy to know that it really has nothing to do with me.
  • I hate not knowing who was there and who was absent. As the church grows, it has become increasingly difficult for me personally to keep track in my head of all our absentees and newcomers. Being a control freak, I wish we had RFID scanners installed to track everyone's movements, but then again, that sounds a bit creepy. Let's just say that I miss,,, missing people.