Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Saturday

Many times, we focus on His death, and on His resurrection, and leave out his burial. Today is the day we usually don't remember. In reality, it is a very significant day. In fact it is more like modern day that we often will admit. Jesus was not inactive, He was working behind the scenes. God is again working "behind the scenes" in most of our lives. Although we usually do not look for it, we know that He is always working in our lives. The work of our salvation is not just one event, but the culmination of a series of events that God is orchestrating to draw us unto Himself.

If you are still debating whether Jesus is the Christ, then know that the events in your life are orchestrated by God to illustrate his love for you and reveal his Son to you. If you have accepted Jesus as the Christ, then you must not allow your lack ability to see God actively working in the lives of those around you to cause you to know that He is working. Today, take time to encourage a friend to come closer to God. Join God in His, behind the scenes, work.

Today we are working behind the scenes at Cornerstone. We are doing the final preparations and rehearsals for our three Easter services. I will try to post some pictures later as a sneak peak behind the scenes.