Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Excitement

Last night we had an incredible time of praying for our Easter services. This year we will be having three services and two Egg hunts. No doubt that this will be an awesome day full of excitement and opportunities. Bruce broke the day down into 8 separate prayer focuses and we prayed. It is always great to listen to the people pray, but last night revealed the love of our people for guests and people who are coming to Christ. Off in another room Sue had her team laughing and stuffing eggs in preparation for the hunts. I think she has got this thing running like a well oiled machine. They were obviously having too much fun. Down at the end of the hall Gabe and the praise team was working on the music. Let me just tell you that it is going to be awesome. They will be doing a special with the praise team, and then during the offering, Gabe and Amy will be singing "Knees to the Earth" by Pocket full of Rocks. Mark and the crew have big plans for a special set that will blow your mind. That, coupled with the fact that we have handed out 1,000 personal invitations, sets the stage for a great day. Sunday's message will kick off our next series on the 5 love languages, and we have free books for each visiting family. This is going to be an awesome marriage focus during the worship, and for our small groups. All that being said... Do not miss this weekend, do not let anyone you know miss this weekend.