Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday Synopsis

Wow what a day. The worship was awesome, Great job Gabe and Praise Team, both services had a great spirit of anticipation and the music was tremendous. We had a full room for both services, with a couple of people standing and two actually sitting on the floor in the second service. (It is amazing what Baptists will do to sit in the back.) The challenge was for us to see ourselves as missionaries, and to think about getting people at home in Christ. I will be posting your MY9 lists here. Even if you do not have 9 people on your prayer list, I hope that you will visit and let each other know that you will be praying for them as they Invest, Engage, and Invite for Easter.


Unknown said...

I wasn't with Cornerstone during those days. But I do remember the I praise videos. aka canned music. I remember from just October 2006 when I started going to Cornerstone. I have seen the church grow, not only in the size of the followers that attend, but also in their desire to do God's will for the 4 corners area. I personally have grown so much by this little church that meets in the school. There is a feeling of belonging, and closeness there, that I have never felt. Although the beginning was humble, lets remember to stay humble as God grows this ministry into what He desires for this area. My wife and I love the work that God is doing there, we have no intentions of going anywhere!. Sorry Joel, your stuck with us.