Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar

If you don't Sanjaya, I understand. Master Malakar is the unfortunate contestant on American Idol, who in spite of his consistent, humiliating, performances, which shows that he is not divine or even angelic, but awful. However, every week he gets up in front of 30 million people to do his best when he knows he is the worst. How many of us, at 17 would repeatedly subjugate ourselves to public scrutiny, let alone mockery. I have moved past frustration and into respect for him as he is now the poster child for the anti-idol movement "vote for the worst." If you were wondering how he stays on, it is because there is a committed group of viewers who have begun a movement, to vote for the worst performer. I tried to pull up their website and it is down at this moment, but you may find it here. Is Sanjaya the worst? Absolutely. Will I vote for him? Not likely, but I will cheer for him to do well, and I will respect his character as he stands before the world and sings his best knowing that he is a pawn in a conspiracy that mocks the show, but unfortunately makes him the butt of the joke. As I see it, Sanjaya has three options, 1. Quit 2. keep doing things the same and continue the embarrasment, or 3. Embrace the VFTW crowd and play to them, making the best of a bad situation. After last night's hair doo it is obvious that he has chosen the latter. Choosing a song with the line "I'm diving into my own destruction." Good game Sanjaya, let's see if it works, if it does you take back control of your image. Whatever that may be.


Unknown said...

That site is back on now. Try this link