Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Don't Quit Your Day Job

My good buddy Mark over at Ephesus has a great post that every potential church planter should read. You can find it here. We must change how we define church, back to the biblical model. Buildings are great, but the church is the- ekkle'sia - the body of called out believers assembled together. Too many men who have been called by God as pastors, have chosen to sit this one out because they could not build a large enough congregation to do it vocationally. What would life be like if we applied that same principle to sports? No basketball hoops in the driveways, or parks, it was reserved for people who could gather crowds who pay to see them play. What if music could only be played by paid professionals. (that might not be a bad idea on second thought) Our thinking is warped. Thanks Mark for bringing it front and center. By the way... are you a full time, professional blogger?


Unknown said...

great analogy, Joel... I am enjoying your blog