Friday, February 03, 2006

Why I Cheer for Seattle & Pittsburg

Before you jump to conclusions, I have been cheering for the Seahawks all year. Shaun Alexander

Mostly because NFL MVP running back Shuan Alexander put me in the win column in my fantasy football league. But that is not the reason I will cheer for both of them on Sunday. In Tuesday’s press conference Shuan Alexander said “We believe life itself with Jesus Christ is more important than what we do on the field… we want to make sure our focus is on more than this game. We have a bigger calling.” Shuan has never been shy about his faith in Christ and has been naming the name of Christ every chance he gets since college at Alabama. Also, Matt Hasselback QB said that while in the tunnel before he runs onto the field he prays “Lord, may we play for an audience of one.” Hasselback told the media Tuesday that most are not aware even though we have many players on this team, “I don’t think people realize how many Christian guys we have on this team and how united we are… we are united in Christ, and the unity you see on this team is very encouraging.

Antwaan Randel ElFor you Steelers fans, Antwaan Randel El stated “People think this game may go down in history, but it’s really only temporary. I thank God that I am here, but I know I have to ask Him for guidance because I don’t know what to expect… I cant let this game get me too high or too low… I have to stay focused on God and stay focused on His Word.” Jeff Hartings said “I’ve been praying every day that I would honor Him and I am praying now that I don’t embarrass Him during this time… I want to give Him Praise all the time and use this time as a platform, not for me, but for Him.”


mb said...

Wow! The Super Bowl party Shuffled at the Bartlett's house. We had a blast with friends and neighbors!!! From the Fetes dessert table to the the nacho buffet, we ate like champions. You know what they always say...a party is only as good as its food! The heartburn at 4 this morning was well worth it!!! I've got to HAND it to all involved on throwing a better party than the actual game. A good time, no a great time was had by all!!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT???