Tuesday, January 31, 2006


This Sunday at the 9:30 hour we will be pausing to receive communion. At the Last Supper before He was to be crucified, Jesus did not go to the multitudes to defend his critics, He did not go to the hospitals to heal the last few sick and diseased, He did not go to the Temple to teach the multitudes or even to win converts. It is amazing that in His last few hours he had dinner around a table with His small group. Later He would go to the garden to pray, but even then He sought the support of those in His small Group. I believe that there is a lesson here for those in the church who just come to Sunday Services and miss out on the importance of belonging to a small group of believers that care about you and your spiritual needs. I know that it is awkward for some and early for others. There are many things that we feel we must do on Sundays, but I wonder what kind of church we could be if the people of Cornerstone really caught on to the idea of what Christ already understood about small group.