Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Record January

January 2006 sets a new high in the growth of our church. After adding staff last summer, and a second service in October, God has continued to bless the faithful steps of the people at Cornerstone with more in attendance each week. Astonishingly, there was a 46% increase in worship attendance from January 2005. With added growth comes added responsibilities. God has given us a greater amount of people that He expects us to minister to. It is therefore imperative that everyone who attends Cornerstone find a place of service. It is only through meeting the needs of those God has sent our way that we will prove ourselves faithful to meet the continuing growth of the church. I for one pray that we will never find a comfortable place to settle as long as there are people who do not attend church. You at Cornerstone have proven by your service that you feel the same way. Let's work together to meet the needs of the people of Four Corners and the Four Corners of the earth.