Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterback

What a day! Sunday was anything but a day of rest, yet I would not have wished it otherwise. Two great worship services with awesome, moving music and a sense of expectation in the church. The afternoon was a bit hectic with getting the screen set up at the house requiring two sepparate trips for parts and connectors and in the end I still had to call a gracious Mark Colvin to come and rescue me again. I don't know what I would do without the help so many wonderful people. All in all the Super Bowl Parties were a hit and it provided some much needed time to strengthen relationships beyond Sunday Mornings. As for the worship services, we saw many of our first time guests from last Sunday return again this Sunday and we hope that they will continue. Also, some great people came to visit after finding us on the internet. In addition to those who came with Friends Neighbors and Loved Ones. We missed some of our regulars who were out sick and taking care of personal responsibilities. We hold them up in our prayers. Every Sunday is an edventure as we come together for worship and fellowship and make new friends along the way. The best part about it is that we only have 6 more days until Sunday.