Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well I took the plunge. Amy and I fell and went to see the latest Spiderman movie. There was a lot of good scenes and a lot of akward scenes. Probable the most akward moment is at the end when everyone clapped just to realize that the movie was still going, and going. The movie tried to do just too much and do two movies in one. It may be due to the fact that the dude who plays spiderman has been a problem for the producer contractually. The movie has a lot of redemptive spiritual lessons that we can take away. 1. Not even Spidey is above falling into sin. 2. My favorite quote. "If you want forgiveness try religion." close. And 3. Spiderman goes to the church to overcome the darkness of venom. overall it was a great movie, in fact it was three great movies in one. A good lesson for this preacher, that it does not matter how good the content is, too long is too long. Tomorrow, I am letting everyone out early! (So you can beat Community of Faith as you take mom to the restaurant)