Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day

I like Mother's Day. Most of the pseudo holiday's created by card companies I can do without, but my mom is so great that I love mother's day. My gift is a little late this year as it just went out today, but I am praying that it gets there on time. The cool thing is that my mom won't care if it is late, she will read this blog and call me anyway. I hope you remembered your mom, or the woman who mothered you with a special recognition. If not, bring her to church on Sunday and we will do it for you. Gone are the oldest, youngest, and mom with the most kids type of gifts. We tried doing the fattest, the ugliest, and the most obnoxious mom one year, but it did not go over too well. So... this year every lady in church will receive one of these nice little boxes. I cannot divulge what the contents are, but I know it will be a hit.