Monday, September 21, 2009

You can't provoke me!

It seems that church people who don't get involved fall into three categories... the uninformed, the uninspired, and the unprovokable.  Now, my spell checker is telling me that there is no such thing as "unprovokable", but I know because I have seen them with my very own eyes.  Over the last few weeks we have been promoting our small groups with a great amount of success, and as it stands right now we have more sign-ups than we presently average in attendance.  A feat that should not go uncelebrated, but along the way, I have kept a list of people who have not signed up yet.  I realize that some people have busy work schedules, and others are just so disconnected from church that they are not aware of the amazing thing that God is doing in our midst, but forgive me for wondering what in heaven's name is going on with those few who come every week, see what God is doing, hear the testimonies, and still stay unprovoked.  Now I need to be honest that there are only 2-3% of our people that I would categorize this way, but I am praying that God helps me to provoke them either in or out because the work is too great for mere observers.


Unknown said...

Hi Joel,

It's my first time on your Blog and I was sure inspired by your comments on the "Unprovoker". If what's happening at Cornerstone doesn't move someone then maybe they should check their pulse to see if their still alive.