Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Josh Harris has a great link over at his blog for a new "filtered" version of Youtube for kids.  My kids 11 & 8 love to get online and see all the funny videos, but it is a full time job for me to keep them from seeing the junk that is somehow related to the other "tame" videos.  that said, there are two or three sites that may help....

1. Godtube.com -  This site was set up as a Christian site, but anyone can post to it.
2. Kideos.com - These are mostly imported & filtered from Youtube by registered parents.
3. Totlol.com - This site requires a membership, and may provide a greater security for what they might see.

Though the web is a dangerous place, and you should never let kids roam freely online, these sites provide a less risky place for kids to enjoy.