Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I am up in Nashville today with Gabe and Camp Electric.  All I can say is it is electrifying 24/7!  With 1,000 students and over 100 artists, it is non stop.  I am having a blast working with some of the top names in Christian music, and talking with people that people pay big money to hear.

             Five thoughts...

1. Gabe is amazing.  He not only has the best voice in Christian music, the dude is incredible on the business side.  I love to watch him work.
2. The Christian Artists here are more excited than the kids.  I think I even saw one ask a student for an autograph. :-)
3. These guys are real.  Christian Musicians often get a bad rap, but these are some of the most authentic and deeply spiritual people I have ever been around.
4. I don't work well on 5 hors *of sleep at night and the intensity of camp the other 27 hours of daylight.
5. The weather has been amazing.
6. The typical camp has one band and one speaker.  Camp Electric probably has 20 instructors, and 2 dozen bands. The logistics alone are mind boggling.

* Ironic how my typo ended up as exhibit A so I left it in and decided to show you.