Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Bye Bartletts

Today I say farewell to Mike and Susan Bartlett.  Our best friends from college will be moving back to NC after moving to FL 6 years ago to help us launch Cornerstone.  Our families have become so intertwined over the last few years that the idea of them moving still leaves knots in our stomach.  I know that they are following God's will for their individual lives and that make all the difference.  My son Andrew had a friendship with Brady that can only be compared to Jonathan and David.  There was a level of friendship achieved in the first six years of life that will no doubt last a lifetime. Abby and Bailey had a friendship that survived the rocky terrain of being girls and all the emotional ups and downs.  In their words "BFF."  We will miss you guys and are so thankful that you have placed yourselves strategically between both sets of grandparents.  God Speed Bartlett Clan, God Speed!