Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lucky Number 13

Amy and I have been married 13 years and last night we went out to celebrate. The funny thing is that neither of us got each other a card. What we have learned in 13 years is that cards don't mean too much to each other and that our primary love language is quality time. Disaster was averted as we dodged tornadic activity on our way to the Polynesian Resort for dinner. It stopped raining just as we arrived and after a little window shopping sat down to Disney's Best Waiter, Ratana Morrow. We started with the Hawaiian bread and Macadamia nut butter and shrimp curry soup. Then he brought out their famous sticky wings followed by Macadamia nut & Chive Crusted Mahi Mahi and then Beef Teriyaki. He gave us both Leighs made with real flowers, and brought four different desserts White Chocolate Cheese Cake, Kilauea tort, chocolate dipped strawberries & Vanilla Ice cream. From there we went and sat by the water for the electric parade, took a boat ride over to the Grand Floridian for a walk, then back to our bench at the Polynesian to watch the fireworks over the water. What is the only thing that could have made the night better??? I guess Amy getting me a card. ;-)