Friday, June 13, 2008


Let me tell you about my dad. He did not grow up in the same kind of home that I grew up in. His parents did not take him to church and pray with him and read the Bible. He came to know Christ as a kid, and proceeded to win his family to Christ. I am pretty sure he was not the best kid in Sunday school. He would probably tell you he was that kid the teachers prayed would stay home sick. He failed third grade, and once told me he spray painted his name on a neighbor's house. (Clearly not the wisest thing to do.) But, those failures have turned my dad into the greatest student I have ever met. His thirst for knowledge coupled with his love for God and personal integrity are amazing. Every morning, in fact probably right now as I write this he is studying God's word. We groan when he brings his books and laptop to the beach for vacation, but deep down we would have it no other way. His greatest joy in life comes from knowing just a little more about God and his word. He holds a Master's degree in Religion, and writes text books for fun. I can't begin to tell you how awesome he is. I am so proud of my dad, and all that he did for us kids growing up. I thank him for his unparalleled integrity, and honesty that he modeled for me. I thank him for turning our family heritage into a godly one, and now my kids know that their Papa, loves Jesus more than anything in this old world.