Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Iraqi Underground

Yesterday I got to meet a pastor of a former underground church in Iraq. I say former because after "Iraqi Freedom" they are free to worship Christ. Here are some things I took away from the meeting: Milad is an Iraqi national born in Baghdad. He received Christ as his personal Savior and pastored an underground church in Iraq. Below are some notes from his testimony.

  • It all started in Iraq: Eden, Ur, Nineveh, Babylon...
  • Muslims do everything "for" God. Our message is that everything has been done.
    • (He showed pictures of Suni Muslims cutting themselves and even their children)
  • Saddam killed at least one member of almost every family in Iraq
  • Saddam killed over 1 million Kurds
  • Americans say war was a mistake, As an Iraqi, I say it was the greatest thing
  • 95% of Iraqis are so happy for the liberation
  • The news only shows Baghdad and Mosul
  • Iraqis celebrate Christmas with trees and lights but they don't know why
  • Public schools have invited him to come and teach about Christmas and the Reason
  • He is able to distribute Bibles to the public school students and on the street
  • Iraqis have more freedom of religion now than America does