Saturday, April 05, 2008

On My Google Reader

If you are a regular reader of this blog or any other blog for that matter, it would be wise to set up an account with Bloglines, or Google Reader. I used to waste my time rushing from blog to blog to see if there was any new news. Now All the news comes to me via my Google Reader. For those curious minds out there here are some categories I have set up.
1. Blogs - Serious bloggers such as Seth Godin, Dan Burrell, MMI, and New blogs that I have not categorized Like Mark Beeson.
2. Amusement - In this folder, I put my waste time stuff, like Boing Boing, Tom in the Box, and Lark News.
3. Church Planters - Guys who are getting the job done that I want to follow like Perry Noble, Bob Franquiz, and Steve Furtic.
4. Friends - Some great, some not so great (bloggers that is) great one's like Greg Peters and Adam Mayfield, and Ricc Conner. Not so great ones like, well I'm not telling you know who you are.
5. Thinking Blogs - Right now just Desiring God, ...........and Purgatorio (kidding)
6. Not so much - blogs that are well read, but I don't get much from. Guys way to the right like Sharper Iron and Guys way to the left like Tall Skinny Kiwi. I like to know what they are up to, but don't read much more than the headlines. A few mor blogs have found their way into the not so much folder, but mostly because they don't get blogging and would do better to write a book.

Now you know my DNA. and for that matter DNA means that you Did Not Ask, but I told you anyway.

For further reading about what I'm reading you can check out My Library Thing.