Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Under Repair

This Christmas it seems that we will be fixing things that we got previous Christmas seasons. I guess that goes to show that the more stuff you have, the more stuff has you. Right now, we are down an I-pod, a TV, a Car stereo, a laptop, and a diamond ring. I don't know how the French hens are doing but the turtle doves have also flown the coop. It has been quite an experience around here as out family huddles around the 9" TV to watch football. I will say that it has brought our family a lot closer, but closer aint always so nice. I am also struggling to type on a full size keyboard and sermon prep will be difficult without my trusty laptop. The Geeks said it will be ready on Christmas Day. It was obvious that Santa needs to train more Elves in electronics. The good news is that when someone broke into our cars on Saturday night, they had nothing to steal. I joked a bit about them leaving us a sympathy note, but it was obvious that they were looking for ipods or CDs. I should take my busted ipod and set a trap for them.