Monday, November 26, 2007

Those Crazy Classics

Not only did we have a record crowd attending our classic service, but we also had quite an exciting time. The excitement came just minutes into my message when people began raising their hands and then waving them about. This is the kind of stuff that gets a pastor excited so I started preaching harder, soon it seemed that the Holy Ghost had attacked the entire back row, which is something when you consider that those are the "back-row" baptists. However, the excitement subsided when it was discovered that the excitement had nothing to do with my message but a guest wasp that seemed to enjoy buzzing the crowd. Like a flash Greg Nelson grabbed the ever handy fly swatter (we do meet in an elementary school lunch room you know) and took it out with only one civilian casualty (Sorry Marv). The buzz now is that I am planning to bring a whole swarm of bees to next weeks Classic service!